No Bullies, No Bad Guys!
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Childhood is too precious to let Bullies ruin it for you and your child!
Welcome to No Bullies, No Bad Guys!

Quickly and easily learn the anti-bully techniques and self-confidence that repels bullies and bad guys!  From Day 1 you and your child will confidently stand up to bullies and bad guys so they leave you alone.  

RECLAIM CHILDHOOD with the " No bullies, no bad guys!" two-hour training course.
I have taught these simple to learn, natural techniques to kids and they rapidly learn them, use them and go on with their life!

We provide the high quality personal service and attention you expect and enjoy.  We offer the best and quickest bully repulsion training in only two quick, fun hours for you and your child.  Break the training into two segments if you like.

Most people enroll their young children in expensive martial arts courses to ensure their children can take care of themselves in bullying situations.  Learning the martial arts takes time.  Rather than a year of classes, at $75, $100 or $150 per month, we can provide your child with the tools to take care of most situations in just one hour.   

I have taught Okinawan Karate for 30+ years and practiced much longer.  I love it.  My students range from Embassy Security Guards, police, military, police-type agencies (you know who I mean) to normal people like you.  (see  I strongly encourage people to study the martial arts, particularly Okinawan Karate.  You develop lasting long-term friendships you seldom find elsewhere in life while you have a great time learning to punch, kick, throw and twist your opponents arm/leg/neck in a street-like confrontation setting.  Yet many children, and adults, have little patience for the training necessary to become skillful with these techniques.  

This is where No Bullies, No Bad Guys comes in.  In just two hours we can teach you and your child the proven natural anti-bully techniques that cause bullies and bad guys to leave your child alone.  These will deter bullies, yet won't cause your child to be expelled from school for excessive violence nor will they become a bully themselves with these skills. 

No Bullies, No Bad Guys is not a kumbayah, let's all hold hands, sign a song and all get along in the world type of approach.  That is a nice approach.  I support it.  I wish it worked.  Yet it doesn't work in real life.

How do I kow this stuff works?
I was bullied at times as a kid.  At other times, unfortunately, I was the bully. I understand the hopelessness and shame involved when you are bullied and how you so desperately wish it would all just go away.  I also remember what other kids did to me to stop me from bullying them.  (I am still amazed and ashamed that I bullied other kids.)

 Let me teach you, and your children, the proven, easily learned, anti-bully techniques that provide such self-confidence that suddenly smiles return along with happiness and enjoyment.      
                                                                                                                                   No bullies, no bad guys!

Why did I develop this course?
During my last overseas assignment I realized my little baby was suddenly a beautiful young teenager that boys and young men enjoyed looking at and talking with!  Yikes!  I couldn't go with her everywhere to protect her, nor would she even consider the thought.  After spending what seemed like years sitting up sleepless nights worrying and fretting about her safety until she finally arrived home at some terribly late hour (usually by 10:30 or 11 pm, her curfew),  I determined I'd teach her just the easily learned techniques useful for most self-defense situations she might encounter.  This enabled me to relax enough so that I could sleep if I ever actually decided to go to bed before 11 pm!  From the lessons I initially taught my daughter evolved the internationally acclaimed women's self-defense course, FEARLESS WOMAN.   This is self-defense for high heels and long finger nails.  I still teach the simple-to-learn, natural technique course to adults, mostly women, yet men really like it and find it useful, too!  No man has ever complained that he couldn't do these techniques in his high heels!

The FEARLESS WOMAN techniques have been modified and simplified even further just for kids so they are even more fun and easier to learn.  This is called nobulliesnobadguys.

No Bullies No Bad Guys! is located in Alexandria, Virginia.   I teach traditional Okinawan Karate to those who want to learn the techniques of Sensei Iha's Beikoku Shidokan Karate.  (  I am happy to train you in traditional karate.  Yet if you or your child don't have the time to commit to learning karate, "No Bullies, No Bad Guys" may just be what you are looking for.  

My GUARANTEE to you:  If you fail to be satisfied at any time I will refund your money and determine what went wrong so I can fix it.  My goal is for kids to smile happily rather than cowering in fear at being bullied again.

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